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Emphasizing “The Golden Rule” (treat others how you want to be treated), The Friendship Show explores ways to build empathy and conflict-resolution skills with the goal of growing and maintaining one of the most valuable things in life: great friendships. 

The digital versions are in .m4v format, will play on Mac or PC and can be transferred to most mobile devices.

English. Hi-Def. Color. 41 minutes.

Ruby's Studio: The Friendship Show Trailer from The Mother Company on Vimeo.

Why your kids will image description love this: Cheery host Ruby leads kids through captivating animation and lighthearted music, lifting their spirits while their imaginations soar in a sunshine-filled art studio. Why you as a parent will image description love this: Thoroughly vetted by childhood development expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman, parents can trust their children are getting the right messages communicated in the best way about how to build and sustain friendships.

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