Why We're Different

The Mother Company was started by a group of moms who were concerned with the quality, pace and content of most children’s media and decided to do something about it.  Here are a few points of difference:


Ruby’s Studio series:

Educational and enriching: Working with some of the country’s best experts, we employ well-tested, research-based methods for aiding kids’ social and emotional development.  We are constantly seeking advice from our stable of parenting experts, who vet our shows from script to screen to ensure our shows are enriching and educational for children on many levels.  To read more about our experts, click here.


Gentle pace and tone: We didn’t understand why so many children’s shows are silly and over-the-top.  We wanted a gently paced (but still entertaining) show our kids would love, with fewer edits and no alarming sounds or scary characters.  The show is sweet without being saccharine.  Fun without being frantic.  (See some of our rave reviews from parents, bloggers and press alike!)


Positive role model for children: Our host, Ruby is the trusted, creative babysitter we wish we had in our children’s lives. She speaks to the kids in the show (and the viewers at home) in a down-to-earth real way, offering valuable lessons while also adding a magical sparkle to their lives. Kids love her.  Parents love her.  (Read more at “Meet Ruby”)


Real kids, unscripted: We wanted our young viewers to know that they weren’t alone in their experiences.  So the kids in Ruby’s Studio are completely unscripted;  they react honestly, providing a totally real - and sometimes hilarious – dialogue.  We find the result to be so refreshing!


Production value and design:  It is important to us that our children be treated to a high-quality, beautiful viewing experience.  Our show looks like a film.  The animated and puppet segments were deliberately made to reference the shows we loved growing up, but with a new, modern flair.  We are thrilled to have had the participation of Mel Brooks, singer Elizabeth Mitchell and all the talented visionaries who helped us put this program together.


In-show resources for parents: we all know that co-viewing is a healthier viewing experience for kids but never before has there been an incentive.  With Pop-Up Parenting ™ we offer parents an optional subtitle written by renowned parenting guru Betsy Brown Braun offering tips and advice around the subject of the show.  Struggling with separation anxiety?  Tantrums?  Select the option to “Play With Pop-Up Parenting” in the DVD menu at the beginning and learn a few tips from the expert.