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Join beloved host Ruby in this award-winning 4-DVD gift pack for a combined 3 hours of fun craft activities, beautiful animated segments, and original songs. "The Ruby’s Studio Series" explores topics essential to building a strong social/emotional foundation in early childhood: Feelings, Friendship, Safety, and Siblings.

This Box Set Includes:

The Feelings Show

  • Help kids identify, express, and move through their feelings, no matter how big or small.

The Friendship Show

  • Teaches kids "The Golden Rule" with tips on how to show empathy, confront bullying, and talk it out in order to nurture lasting friendships.

The Safety Show

  • Empowers kids to stay safe without scaring them, offering helpful personal safety tools in an age-appropriate, memorable way.

The Siblings Show

  • Give kids strategies to resolve rivalry, boost harmony, prepare for a new baby, and celebrate family.  
Why you as a parent will image description love this: Created by parents and parenting experts, these award-winning shows blend expert advice with wholesome kids entertainment. Be sure to check out Pop-Up-Parenting mode for specific tips on how to handle all of these important topics with your little ones.
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