A Little Book About Safety

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Explore personal safety for kids without scaring them!

When lovable Hugo Hippo navigates his way through a fun day at the community pool with his family, his safety readiness is put to the test in a variety of familiar situations.

Hugo helps kids understand safety topics gently and with humor, such as memorizing a Safe Adult's phone number, covering up private parts when changing, paying attention to your gut "Uh-Oh" feeling, and remembering to "Check First" with a Safe Adult before going anywhere unexpected.

Why your kids will image description love this: Lovable, colorful characters and fun, familiar situations help draw kids in, while Hugo's clear, safe solutions help empower them to make their own safe choices every day! Why you as a parent will image description love this: A gentle but effective way to talk to young kids about safety — created in collaboration with child safety expert Pattie Fitzgerald of Safely Ever After, Inc. — offers language to help teach kids to be safe without any scare tactics or "ick factor," making Safety fun for everyone!

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