Miles is the Boss of His Body

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Empower kids to protect their bodies!

On his 6th birthday, Miles’s excitement is dimmed when he finds himself being repeatedly pinched, noogied, hugged too tight, picked up and tickled by his well-intentioned family - and decides he’s had enough! Caught between expressing his discomfort and being polite, Miles finally decrees he’s the “boss of his body” and hopes his family will understand.

Much to his surprise, Miles’s whole family shows him full support for voicing his personal body boundaries. Through humor and relatable situations, Miles is the Boss of His Body lets kids know that it’s ok to speak up in regards to their personal safety in a way that is enjoyable and kid-friendly.

**TEACHERS - You can download a FREE common core aligned lesson plan to bring Miles into your classroom HERE.

Why your kids will image description love this: A fun comic-book style, familiar characters and silly moments will engage kids in Miles’s story, while they absorb an important lesson about how to respect their own bodies by drawing the line when they feel uncomfortable. Why you as a parent will image description love this: Created in collaboration with safety expert Pattie Fitzgerald of Safely Ever After Inc, Miles is the Boss of His Body introduces a potentially life-saving concept to children through a gentle, relatable situation. Giving kids permission to tell anyone what kind of touch is and is not okay sets a precedent that will benefit them for years to come. 

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