The Feelings Show
Full-length DVD

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By exploring feelings through animation, peers, music, and crafting,The Feelings Show aids kids ages 3-6 in their social-emotional literacy and school readiness.  Adorable host Ruby guides children on a magical journey of learning through art projects, hilarious interviews with real kids, original music, old-school animated sequences, and the Garden Theater puppet show-within-a-show.

English. Hi-Def. Color. 46 minutes.

Why your kids will image description love this:

Kids are immediately taken-in by gorgeous animation, playful music, and relatable tales helping them do the tough work of effectively expressing themselves no matter how overpowering their feelings are.

Why you as a parent will image description love this:

Advised by parenting expert, Betsy Brown Braun, the show offers up tools and techniques to help kids appropriately express and move-through their feelings.

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