The Siblings Show
- Full-Length DVD

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Sibling relationships are often the deepest, strongest relationships in life - but they can also be the most challenging, for sibs and parents alike!  The good news is:  we’re here to help. 

Emmy Award winning, “Ruby's Studio: The Siblings Show” is a fun, engaging way to help young siblings work it out and find the love. Throughout this special day with Ruby and a group of real-life siblings, kids will learn memorable tools to resolve conflict, tame jealousy, and prepare for a new baby, while also exploring why the connection and love between siblings is so special and important.
English. HD. Color. 45 minutes.


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Why your kids will image description love this: Adored host, Ruby, guides kids through a day of relatable sibling scenarios told through colorful old-school animation, a collaborative sibling-themed craft, and a super fun 50’s-pool-party-themed music video, “The Siblings Shake,” performed by Grammy award-winning Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band! Why you as a parent will image description love this: Siblings will have a ball while absorbing essential skills to reduce rivalry and boost family harmony. There is also a segment dedicated to the challenges that arise with the arrival of a new baby. In addition, our popular DVD bonus feature for adults includes wisdom by author and parenting expert,  Dr. Laura Markham, who gives incredibly sage advice for parents on how to stop the fighting and nurture the love between sibs.

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